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Bus Driver, Move…That…Bus!

March 27th, 2007 by Peter Slutsky

A loyal DoubleSpeak reader emailed me this morning with a great idea. Since the Bush Administration and the GOP can’t seem to get it right at Walter Reed Medical Center, why don’t we, the American people send in the experts to fix up the aging veterans hospital. We’ll call the show: Extreme Makeover Hospital Edition.

No, I’m not talking about another lazy government contractor. I’m talking about…

I have a good friend who is a producer for the show. I am going to email her this idea stat.

When Swift Boats Attack

October 21st, 2006 by Peter Slutsky

This is the way you fight back against chickenhawk cowardly politicians. Yes, i’m talking about Rep. Curt Weldon.

Listen to Joe Sestak’s interview on DoubleSpeak. If you live in the PA-07, please go volunteer for Joe!