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MSNBC’S Chris Matthews

August 8th, 2006 by Peter Slutsky

just said on air that Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) will definitely run as an independent if he loses tonight to Ned Lamont. For whatever that is worth, it’s out there….again.

From Hotline- Lamont/Liebs

August 8th, 2006 by Matthew Slutsky

Hartford Courant columnist/ex-GOP state legislator Kevin F. Rennie will be contributing exclusive dispatches from Connecticut throughout the evening.

Democratic primary voter turnout was varying between 20%-25% by 1pm in communities around Connecticut. Towns with a direct interest in the primaries, with ties one of the candidates or an ethnic affinity, were at the upper end. Local election officials expect a final burst of voters to appear between 4:30 and 6 p.m. Most of Connecticut’s 169 municipalities will not, at the current rate, reach a turnout of more than 35%.

Lieberman is prepared to file nearly 20,000 signatures tomorrow to secure an independent place on the ballot in November. He understands that many familiar Democrats will abandon him if he loses tonight, no matter what the margin. A call from Bill Clinton is likely and will not succeed in chasing Lieberman from the race.

The three term Democrat will likely run a more aggressive campaign in the fall. While campaign realists expect Lieberman will fall short tonight, they believe he gained ground by taking the fight to Lamont, particularly over his recent shedding of a 16 year membership in an exclusive Greenwich country club in preparation for donning the costume of a populist. [KEVIN F. RENNIE]

Joe Sounding Confident

August 8th, 2006 by Matthew Slutsky

Joe in 2006

Just got this in my email:


Tonight, Senator Lieberman will be nominated by the Democratic Party of Connecticut to continue his 18 years of service in the United States Senate. Be there to celebrate the future and what together, Joe Lieberman and the Democratic Party can do for Connecticut in the years to come.

When: Doors Open at 5:00PM
Where: The Goodwin Hotel
One Haynes Street
Hartford, CT

What’s that expression about counting chickens?

If You Ever Needed A Reason…

August 8th, 2006 by Peter Slutsky

In case you’re still undecided in CT and you need a reason to vote against Sen. Liebeman…Here it is…

From Tom Tomorrow @ This Modern World:


More From CT

August 8th, 2006 by Joshua Skaroff

Paul Kiel just got off the phone with Lieberman internet consultant Dan Geary. Here’s his report:

Geary, who developed and oversees Lieberman’s site, Joe2006.com (and says that the campaign has paid their account in full), said that an attack starting mid-morning yesterday had “red-lined” the server. “We can’t even get the site up,” he said. “We even tried putting up a single, blank page. It red-lined the entire network. This guy’s got our number.”

Geary said that they believed it to be a “denial of service” attack, meaning there are so many queries to the network that it becomes unstable. He did not have any information as to the source of the attack or any idea about the identity of the hacker. “We’re just fighting to get something live,” he said, “we’re not security experts.” He also said that it would be up to the campaign as to whether they would refer the case to the FBI.

Yes, the Lieberman site has been hacked (UPDATE: Or more likely, not.). But to claim that Lamont is reponsible is simply idle and irresponsible speculation. Lamont’s internet consultant has even offered to help the Lieberman camp get their site back up and running but has received no response.

Meanwhile in Connecticut…

Lieberman Website

August 8th, 2006 by Matthew Slutsky

Ned and Joe

As of 12:48 PM ET Joe Lieberman’s website remains down.

The current error message on the website reads. UPDATE (2:18 ET): The message is gone and the standard “Under Construction” page is back. There’s a screenshot of the message though.


STATEMENT FROM SEAN SMITH: “For the past 24 hours the Friends for Joe Lieberman’s website and email has been totally disrupted and disabled, we believe that this is the result of a coordinated attack by our political opponents. The campaign has notified the US Attorney and the Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney and the campaign will be filing a formal complaint reflecting our concerns. The campaign has also notified the State Attorney General Dick Blumenthal for his review.”

“We call on Ned Lamont to make an unqualified statement denouncing this kind of dirty campaign trick and to demand whoever is responsible to cease and desist immediately. Any attempt to suppress voter participation and undermine the voting process on Election Day is deplorable and has no place in our democracy.”

The Lamont Campaign Response:

Apparently the Lieberman campaign is pushing a story that we have coordinated an attack against their website. Not a chance. Here’s the unqualified statement Sean Smith has called for.

If Senator Lieberman’s website was indeed hacked, we had absolutely no part in it, denounce the action, and urge whoever is responsible cease and desist immediately. It is our sincerest wish that everyone planning to vote for Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman does so today.

Tim Tagaris
Internet Communications Director
Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate

We will keep you posted as this situation unfolds…

Joe Lieberman’s website

August 8th, 2006 by Matthew Slutsky

has been DOWN since last night and the Lieberman camp is claiming a Denial Of Service attack. More details to come.

Primary Tuesday

August 8th, 2006 by Matthew Slutsky

If you are sitting down to your computer, drinking your first cup of Joe (ok, I had to) and thinking about the big events up in CT today then you are not alone. Not only does this primary hold the political fate of ancient Senator Joe Lieberman, but it also could be the beginning of a more focused debate on Iraq and redeploying American troops out of harms way.

DoubleSpeak will be here all day to give you last minute poll numbers and to give you our take on the action. One thing is for sure- this race will be closer than anticipated as Lieberman’s campaign has blanketed the airwaves in the final days of this campaign and continues to remain negative on Lamont.

“She might not be feeling this good in a few hours”

We will also be covering the GA-4 runoff election between Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson. This race leans towards Johnson and has been an especially nasty campaign over the past couple of weeks.

Tomorrow Is The Day

August 7th, 2006 by Peter Slutsky

Joe Lieberman
Tomorrow is the day. Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) will face the voters of Connecticut for what COULD be the final time.

Win or lose, Lieberman and others must realize that Iraq is a bloody mess. We all know someone who is over there fighting under the stars and stripes and we want them home now!

Whatever justification Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel or John McCain had when they cast their vote in 2002, the situation has changed and all logic tells us that we have made a mistake in invading Iraq and now our brave men and women in uniform are dying in a un-winnable war.

There is a civil war breaking out and it’s time to get our troops home. The Iraqi people want us out, it’s time to get our troops home and above all, there is no end game. We’re in overtime, the game is over. We toppled a regime, stood by as Iraq formed a government and now we’re serving as babysitters to that government and we’re the ones with huge targets on our backs.

I hope Joe Lieberman goes down swinging tomorrow. Why? Not because I hate Joe Lieberman or because I am some radical anti-war liberal (as the GOP would tag me), but because I want leaders who lead with their eyes open and I want America to return to the great world leader that it has been and will someday be again. Joe, if you can’t see the mistakes you have made and if you can’t step up and be the leader than you say you are, even in the face of admitting that you made a mistake, then, I’m sorry; you deserve to fall on your sword.

I Guess All That’s Left Is…

August 7th, 2006 by Matthew Slutsky

To pray hard.

You think YOUR week is going to suck?

Joe Praying

From Seattle Times:

…Lamont is poised to pull off the biggest upset in the state’s political history. A recent poll shows he has a 13-point lead over Sen. Joe Lieberman, a three-term incumbent, among likely voters in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

His success has been driven by several factors, among them Democrats’ fury at Lieberman’s support of the war in Iraq; support from bloggers and other progressive activists; and Lamont’s personal fortune, which allowed him to enter the race when others could not.