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Dave Obey: Working-Class Fighter

August 2nd, 2006 by Alex

Dave Obey and John Kerry

Congressman Dave Obey is a Wisconsin original. Active in Wisconsin politics since his college days in the late 1950’s, Obey speaks to voters in an unvarnished style that originated before the ascendancy of professional political consultants and spin doctors. The name of his campaign committee says it all: A Lot of People for Dave Obey. First elected to Congress in a 1969 Special Election, Dave Obey has become overwhelmingly popular in a competitive district that stretches from his hometown of Wasau all the way to the Minnesota border and Wisconsin’s beautiful Northwoods; no Republican even bothered to run against him in 2004. Dave is also a mean bluegrass-harmonica player.

Obey is never afraid to speak the truth about the corruption and incompetence of his House Republican colleagues. He’s in a position to be a great reformer as the Chairman-In-Waiting of the powerful House Appropriations Committee if Democrats can recapture the House in 2006. Now Obey is barnstorming the country with Democrats like Iowa 1st Congressional District nominee Bruce Braley, stumping for a hike in the federal minimum wage without sham Republican tax cuts added on.

House Republicans, especially those on the Appropriations Committee, have turned the important process of funding government programs into a means of self-enrichment and influence peddling. Dave Obey would be an Appropriations Chairman Americans can be proud of. Just another reason its time for a change this November.

By: Alex Madorsky

That Battle Over Minimum Wage

July 14th, 2006 by Peter Slutsky

NPR Screenshot

National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson did a story on a hot button issue that could galvanize Democratic voters and turn them out in record numbers at the polls in the fall. The issue is the minimum wage. Democrats are and have always been the party of the people. We think of America as a family and when one member of the family is weak, it pulls the whole unit down. Republicans see it differently. They believe that it is best to engage and afford opportunity to those at the top, those who don’t need help and those who are doing okay on their own. They consider everyone else to be a drag on society.

Just like the Republicans were successful in driving up turnout in 2004 using the issue of gay marriage, the Democrats hope to capitalize on the issue of the minimum wage on state ballots across the country. Today, the federal minimum wage stands at $5.15 per hour. The majority of Americans feel that the minimum wage should be increased, but the Republicans in Congress disagree, they’d rather give tax cuts to the rich and wage pre-emptive wars around the world.

Have a listen to the story.