The Delegates

THE DELEGATES is a film that will show the Democratic National Convention through the eyes of its most important participants: the delegates themselves. As the final decision-makers in a long and hard-fought nomination battle, the delegates literally and symbolically represent the American people. But at most conventions, the only glimpse we get of the delegates is to see them wave signs and cheer for the prime-time speeches.

THE DELEGATES offers a closer look at what the four days of the Convention really means to the delegates. The film will accompany four delegates, with diverse hometowns, backgrounds, and interests, as they take part in the hype and hope of the Convention. Along the way, the delegates will illustrate the personal side of the democratic process, and share what it is like for ordinary Americans to take part in an extraordinary event.

THE DELEGATES will follow the delegates from the moment they arrive at the airport, to the hectic scene on the convention floor, around Denver and finally to Barack Obama’s historic acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium.

The Team