About Peter

Philadelphia native Peter Slutsky is exactly one-third of the brainpower behind DoubleSpeak Media, LLC. After hatching the idea for DoubleSpeak during a 3:00am trip to a local 7-11, Peter, along with his twin brother Matthew and close confidant Josh have traveled the country, producing all kinds of political media, from podcasts and videocasts to radio, television and documentary film.

After graduating from Northeastern University, Peter moved to Sioux City, Iowa, where he served on the John Kerry for President campaign. After barnstorming the country, securing victories for Sen. Kerry in the post-Iowa primaries, Peter polished off the 2004 general election in Portland, Oregon.

Immediately following the 2004 campaign, DoubleSpeak was born. What started as an idea to bring progressive political media to an audience using emerging podcasting technology has, over time, developed into a recognizable political media brand. DoubleSpeak has gained a loyal following and has given our team a platform from which to speak about politics, travel the country, meet politicians and tell intriguing stories from coast to coast.

Peter can be seen regularly on your television set as a commentator on MSNBC and Al Jazeera English, Russia Today and CNN debating the political news of the day, giving witty and compelling analysis and breaking down the world of online political activism.

Peter currently serves as the Strategic Relationships Manager at Ning where he helps organizations, non-profits and political campaigns accomplish their goals through the development of Ning social networks.

Peter is passionate about all good things, including, but not limited to: good music, good movies, good food, good wine and good friends.

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