About Matthew

Matthew Slutsky is a political entrepreneur based in Washington, DC who has been part of some of the most significant political and advocacy campaigns of the past decade. From social issue advocacy to new media, Matthew puts his creativity and imagination to work towards developing new and exciting projects for DoubleSpeak Media, LLC.

Matthew’s political career began in the trenches of Iowa as a field organizer for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. After helping to secure a resounding victory for Senator Kerry in the caucuses, Matthew traveled to over 10 states working as a field organizer, press flack and advance man. After the primaries, Matthew came to Washington, DC for the general election where he worked in the Kerry-Edwards war room as a member of communications team, briefing dozens of top campaign spokespeople on message and scheduling them for national media appearances.

After the campaign, Matthew, along with his twin brother Peter and best friend Josh, launched DoubleSpeak. At the time, the DoubleSpeak podcasts were among the first original content political podcasts on the internet and featured interviews with some of the top political leaders in the country including Senator John Kerry, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Governor Kathleen Sebelius and dozens more. DoubleSpeak was often featured as one of the top 100 political podcasts on iTunes.

Today, the DoubleSpeak Media, LLC platform aims to promote progressive media through television, radio, new media and film.

When Matthew is not acting as a guest commentator on for various television networks, he can be found helping to create real change at Change.org, an online hub for social change where he is the Political and Partnerships Director for the company.