About Josh

Philadelphia native Joshua B. Skaroff has been helping the Slutsky brothers formulate sentences for over a decade. A political junkie since birth, Josh answered the call late one night to produce and direct a new project with Matthew and Peter that would become DoubleSpeak. With a degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Computer Science and production experience at 88.5 WXPN, all the pieces were in place for an exciting new direction in progressive talk and podcasting. Wearing many hats, from webmaster to engineer, producer to copy editor to sound recordist, and many steps in between, Josh carved out an important role in the development of DoubleSpeak. Over the past several years with projects like the One Minivan, One America tour and work for the Huffington Post, DoubleSpeak has evolved into a unique brand of progressive new media organization.

Josh has a passion for singing without musical accompaniment and a proclivity for artwork on the body instead of the walls. Josh’s passion for equality, justice, and local beer makes him not only the technical guru behind DoubleSpeak, but also an intelligent contributor to the creative voice of the show.

Josh currently lives in South Philadelphia with his talented wife Laura, a small army of cats and enough bicycles to open his own store.

You can find his tumblr blog at ort.skaroff.com.