About DoubleSpeak Media

DoubleSpeak Media was born from a simple dream shared between two twin brothers and their best friend. It seemed a straightforward undertaking: how could we, three Jewish kids from the Philly suburbs, use this newfangled “internet” to make ourselves famous and get moneyed-up at the same time?


Political media, of course.

We launched DoubleSpeak as a podcast in the spring of 2006 and at the time we were one of the first original content political podcasts on the internet.  Our stuff was good and often appeared as one of the top 100 political podcasts on iTunes. During the early days of our adventures in podcasting, we nabbed interviews with some of the top political leaders in the country including Senator John Kerry, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other people considerably more important than us.

Growing restless, we took the show on the road during the 2006 election cycle in Mom’s minivan on what we called the “One Minivan, One America Tour.”  This tour, our version of the great American road trip, featured interviews with political candidates in over 20 battleground states and resulted in nearly 25 podcasts.

After landing back in Washington, DC, we continued to produce podcasts, conduct interviews with newsmakers and blather on our blog about all things political, progressive and important.

DoubleSpeak Media, along with our partners at Pattern Films, are currently in production on a documentary film called “The Delegates” based on the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.

Today, DoubleSpeak Media, LLC is the realization of the dream shared long ago between friends. We operate this platform to promote progressive media through television, radio, new media and film. As the media landscape shakes violently beneath our feet, we remain at the forefront of the medium and tell stories we believe need to be told.

Our work is regularly featured on the Huffington Post and both of the Slutsky’s are political commentators on television through MSNBC, Al Jazeera English, Russian Television and CNN.com.